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P. O. Box 335
Newington, VA 22122


All things trees! Commercial & Residential. Tree pruning/removal. New installs, property assessments, & 24/7 emergency work.  Insured. Estimates are free. 

Who We Are

Since 1994, we have been providing tree services to the Northern Virginia, Southern Maryland, and DC areas.  Our pride in our work stands at the forefront of every service we provide to our clients.


We are a privately owned, licensed and insured company that has been in business for over 22 years.  We service commercial, residential, county, and government properties. Our experienced climbers and ground crews are able to handle everything from emergency tree work to maintenance pruning. 

Aspect tree service has always provided quality arbor care and outstanding customer service at the
Episcopal high school since we began using them 5 years ago.From take downs to 24 hour emergency service from storm damage they always respond quickly and perform work in a professional, timely and proficient manner.I would highly recommend them for any type of residential or commercial tree service. They are a pleasure to work with.
— Jess with Episcopal High School, Alexandria VA

What has brought us here

Aspect Tree Service was started in 1994 with one man and a Suzuki jeep. Things have changed since then both in our crew sizes and equipment, however the pride in our work and the spirit of the company remain the same. The men that started with the company 10 and 17 years ago still work with Aspect today and we are  still privately owned and operated right here in Alexandria, VA


The tree work industry can be extremely dangerous and skilled climbers are hard to come by.  Generally speaking, because tree work is labor intensive and challenging in many respects the labor force performing the work is transient and frequently changes.  That is not the case with Aspect Tree Services.  We have an experienced work force that we're proud of.  Each of our men have worked side by side with the company founder, S. Hall.  In fact, our climbers were taught by Mr. Hall himself.  Together, we all work as a team to provide the best possible service to our clients.


Even while technology continues to evolve and change the way our country operates, the way we perform tree work is much the same as it was 50 to 60 years ago when our predecessors fine tuned the mechanics of tree climbing.  Advanced equipment and machinery enables us to perform work quicker.  In a lot of cases, this is a great thing and we employ such advances to better help us serve our clients.  But with respect to the mechanics of tree work, new is not always better.  Whether a tree is being pruned or removed it is a sensitive undertaking.  In one situation the tree is close to uprooting, but the homeowner loves it and wants to keep it.  Another case might involve a tree that was previously damaged or its confirmation distorted and hazardous.  In either situation, knowledgeable, careful climbers and / or grounds men are necessary to perform the work to remove it or preserve it.  Today the tree industry is becoming heavily saturated with companies that rarely employ skilled men and some companies rely heavily on bucket trucks while not investing the time and education required to develop a skilled climber.  Aspect Tree Service relies on the quality and character of the men that work for it.  We still climb the majority of the trees we remove.  The reason behind this is, our men take personal satisfaction in protecting and safeguarding the investment of the homeowner or the property owner we are working for.  Additionally, the physical work of climbing trees day in and day out builds strength, camaraderie between our men, and maintains company wide good work ethics.  Trees are a beautiful and powerful force of nature, and if not properly maintained or removed, they can lose their beauty or become exceedingly destructive.  It also helps that the men enjoy what they do.

Please pass along to your management that both of your crews did an incredible job. Very professional and left my lawn and my neighbors lawns looking better than they did when they arrived.
— Andy, Leesburg VA